What is your phone number?

Visit the Library Contact Us section and the library''s contact information and directions will be provided.

Can I use the library from home or my laptop?

Sure. Off campus access is available 24/7 from any computer that has Internet access.  Remember to have your student number and Password to access articles, ebooks, and other material through the library.

How late is the library open?

Click on “ Hours and Locations” to get this information for all ADU campus libraries

How do I look for books in the Library?

The place to start is the Library Catalog.  The Catalog includes printed and electronic books held by the Library.
Enter your search terms and then use the options on the left hand side of the screen to refine your results. You can use the Advanced Search option if you wish to combine specific terms such as author and keyword.
Each item has a map available showing the location of the material .All books have a Call Number, made up of letters, then numbers and finally a filing suffix.

Where can I find a Journal?

The library has online and printed journals. The online journals are available through our E-Journal Finder

What is a scholarly Journal?

Also referred to as peer reviewed journals are journals that contain articles written and reviewed by experts in their field.

How do I cite this book, journal, website, etc?

Information on citing these items can be found in “ Citation Help” on the library’s Subject Guides homepage.

How do I sign-up for a library instruction for my class?

There is access to the “Instruction Request Form” on the homepage. However you can also contact the library directly to schedule an instruction.

Where do I find the course reserve books?

Course reserve books and articles are given to the library by the instructors. They can be used for up to four hours in the library and are located at the Reference/Circulation Desk . For more information about reserve, please visit our Course Reserve Section?

Can I print or copy in the Library?

Yes, for more information about our printing and copying services please see our Copies and Printing section.