Off-Campus Access

Access to online databases and electronic journals subscribed to by the Library is restricted to current Abu Dhabi University  students and staff. Many of these electronic resources are now held off-campus on vendor servers/systems. Authentication to these vendor systems often relies on IP addresses or IP ranges which are registered as belonging to Abu Dhabi University . This means that users on-campus and coming from a campus IP address are allowed access to the database but those using computers with a different IP number are refused access.

We use software called EZproxy (pronounced Easy Proxy) to facilitate off-campus access. EZproxy is a utility that enables access to sites requiring IP authentication by serving as an on-campus intermediary and providing a valid IP address; passing information between off-campus users and restricted online resources. So EZproxy makes a request to the vendor system appear to come from on-campus.

EZproxy authenticates users as Abu Dhabi University  students or staff by requiring a login, thus ensuring compliance with vendor restrictions.

For faculty and staff  the login used is your ADU E-mail as user name "without ADU domain" and password.  Example:

User name: first name.last name
Password: Email

For students the login used is your ADU student ID and password.  Example:

User name: 100XXXX
Password:    Normal ID password

For databases and electronic journals, you will only be required to authenticate against EZproxy  once when accessing resources from off-campus IP addresses.

EZproxy normally requires no configuration on your part. From wherever you are, just click on a link to an online library resource (eg. database, electronic journal) from our web site.

EZproxy should work with standard browsers using any Internet Service Provider. Almost all databases are now available to remote users however there are still a few that are restricted to on campus use only by their license conditions, so these are not set up to go though the EZproxy server.

Enquiries related to access to the Library-subscribed electronic resources can be directed to the Library Reference Desk at 971 2 5015 772 or 971 2 5015 773 or by contacting the Library.